Bluewood is abundant woodland that houses around 2,500 elves and around 600 humans and a smattering of Halflings who have come to study at Driss School of Wizardry, the finest learning establishment in Torion outside of the capital city. It was initially built around a small Elven community around 900 years ago and has grown since.

The woodlands have a number of small communities who exist primarily to service the school and are largely self-sufficient and have little involvement with the empirical government outside of paying taxes and keeping peace. The only form of local government is in Driss itself and Archmage Eluindar acts as a kind of mayor and adjudicator for the local communities.

Persons of NoteEdit

Archmage Eluindar


Driss School of WizardryEdit

This School is the largest centre of learning outside of the capital in Torion. It has at any given time around 1,800 students and focuses primarily on the arcane arts but is also a repository on all manner of knowledge. It has an expansive library as well as lecturers from around the continent.

Despite being housed on human land, the school uses the Elven style of learning which requires an initiate to spend a number of years exploring and gaining new knowledge to bring back to the school before they will consider them a true Wizard.