Denia is a collection of smaller states united under a single banner. They hold elections every 10 years to determine who will be their local representative on the Council and all matters are voted and agreed on by these representatives called "Voices". The centre of government is located in Crikland, between the two largest stakeholders in Denia, Bellholt and Ironmarch.

This system has been in place for 800 years as more regions succeeded from Acheria's control the Council grew. Now it represents the largest population of people on the continent as well as the most diverse. Many Dwarves hail from here and it also has the largest population of Halflings and Elves outside of Ealdunmark. Due to the fertile farming land this nation is often refered to as the "foodbasket" by other countries.

Due to the diverse nature of the population and its system of government, most denizens of Denia speak many languages and are quite silver tounged. A great many rogues are born and raised in this nation. Also Ironmarsh has seen some of the most brutal Barbarians raised in its tough lands.


Crikland (Capital)






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Fading Forest

Notable FiguresEdit

Greata Thistlethumb - Voice for Fallhollow (Halfling)

Yurin Ogresword - Voice for Noignar (Dwarf)

Aurial Whisperwind - Voice for Greenedge (Elf)

James Blackmoore - Voice for Bellholt (Human)

Drugar Darkeyes - Voice for Ironmarsh (Human)