Ealdunmark is a regency formed thousands of years before the rise of humans. It was decreed in ages past there could be no new king until the first king, Erumollien, returns to rule. As such the head of Ealdunmark always holds the title of Regent.

There was a large war millennia ago between Ealdunmark and the humans but this has largely been forgotten and the elves live in relative peace alongside the humans to the north and west. There is a number of human and Halfling settlements within the borders of the elven Ealdunmark as well as the Elven outposts. The Regent is an elven mage by the name of Traimeer, who has ruled for 320 years since the death of his mother Alassia.

He is an even tempered and fair ruler almost universally loved by his subjects and respected by other good leaders. He has mediated a number of border skirmishes with the line of mad kings of Acheria and has never struck back against what he considers the downtrodden people of Acheria. He faced Zaibar numerous times over the centuries and considers him a fair and honourable man.

Ealdunmark has produced some of the finest wizards in the land, mostly due to the mysterious Turandarok Academy located somewhere in the Oldroot Mountains. Most druids also hail from this land.


Silvergate (Capital)




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Turandarok Academy

Oldroot Mountains


Gleaming Lake

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Regent Traimeer